Harmony Public Schools is pleased to invite you to participate in the 2018 Leadership Summit. This premier event will highlight sessions focused on academic accountability, diversity, finance, strategic operation, leadership soft skills and so much more.

We are pleased to invite over 450 HPS leaders across Texas to help them prepare and get ready to take on the 2018-2019 academic school year!

Sponsorship Opportunities

$10,000 +
sponsors our Award Luncheon

A brief introduction of your products, goods and services at the opening ceremony, your logo will be displayed on the HPS website for up to 3 months, your logo will displayed on a banner, and in our smartphone app.

$5,000 +
sponsors our Social Event at Main Event

Have your logo displayed on the homepage of the HPS website for up to 3 months. Your logo will also be displayed on our stand alone banner, and in our smartphone app.

$3,000 +
sponsors our Banners

Have your logo displayed on one of our stand-alone banners, as well as in our smartphone app.

$1,000 +
sponsors our Promotional Items

Have your logo displayed as a banner in our smartphone app that will be used by all attendees, VIP''s, presenters and vendors.

Vendor Drawings

Are you looking for visitors at your booth during the exhibit? Sign up to give away a gift of your choice. All participants will be encouraged to play vendor bingo for a grand prize during the exhibit. This is where you can offer a drawing for a chance to win items of your choice, such as: ipads, office furniture, giftcards, traveling vouchers, etc.

Our Appreciation

Your participation in the 2018 HPS Leadership Summit will extend the reach of valuable information, products, and services, as well as, allow you the opportunity to meet our wonderful team of Harmony Leaders. Click on the link to secure your booth today!


At HPS, we always strive to provide our leaders with prominent vendor products and services that will benefit the campuses and/or districts. It is important the products and services include the latest information, equipment, technology, nutrition, curriculum, and support for student growth and success.

Sugar Land Marriot Town Square
16090 City Walk
Sugar Land, Texas 77479

Alain Frankiewicz
Director of Harmony Certification Program/Event Planner
(713) 343-3333 ext. 2049

Talitha ALexander
Assistant Director of Leadership Development/Event Planner
(713) 343-3333 ext. 2245