During Leadership Summit 2016, campus best practices will be highlighted through “School Showcase” event.

Following campuses will have the opportunity to present their best practices.

Thank you to Office Depot being the sponsor for this event.

Title Description Title Presenter School Room Location
1 Home Visits Waco campus has the home visits in the Harmony System. We have made more than 250 home visits and visited more than 500 students.(overall student population is 750). It also recognized by the engagement department Assistant Principal Lindy Ermoian HSA WACO Westchester
2 College Engagement Our seniors have collected a very high scholarship amount. So far, they have collected $5,667,308 with a class size of 29 students. Our seniors also applied to a total of 520 colleges so far. (Again, with a class size of 29).And finally, our seniors got a total of 220 college acceptance. Assistant Principal Kara Antal HSA WACO Sage
3 Assistant Dean of Students Our campus has partnered with the local Police Department to create a safer environment for our students and staff. We have a police officer come to the school once a week to read to our students. The students know them by name, and have a trust built with them . At a recent donuts with dad, a students dad did not show and the student was devastated, we were able to call one of the officers to come and enjoy a donut with him. Assistant Principal Casey Daniel HSI EULESS West Alabama
4 Groundhog Day We have been driven to identify campus needs to create a culture of high expectations for all stakeholders. As a new principal to the campus, I have had to start from scratch in identifying areas of concern that needed to be addressed with staff, students, and parent involvement. Our staff has created an operational vision that is posted in the front lobby of our campus: Principal Serena Jackson HSAFW Bellaire
5 Teacher Performance System In search of a non-bias , fair and reliable performance system for teachers we came up with set of criteria back in 2013-2014 school year and since than we have implemented and developed to collect data and keep track teachers performance in Lesson Planing, Grade Book , Time card, Communication, Duty, Pacing Guide, Mandatory Event Attendance, Observation, Software Usage, and Yearly goals . Administrator at my campus collect data weekly basis and upload into the Google spread sheet from there we generate quarter report and then I do conduct quarter based Teacher- Principal meeting where I go over their performance and give them opportunity to improve as well as listen their concerns and suggestions. With the help of this system , we have seen great improvement in teachers’ performance beside having higher parent satisfaction. I think this system can be replicated as it was already piloted and worked very well. Principal Mustafa Ayik HSA LAREDO Post Oak
6 Design Team Presentation We would like to share our school design team and goal setting process. We have been meeting every week for the last couple years with the school design team to create a culture of collaboration and success. Team consist of school leaders such as chairs, coordinators, admins, strong teachers in leadership of the school principal. Sets yearly goals for midyear and end of year and accomplishes them successfully. We have been invited to share our practices at the T-STEM conference and partnered with two T-STEM coaches to present. Team prepared a guide for other schools to take away and presented. The design team has a lot of success stories to share. One that we completed this year is Great Education Matters (GEM) Ball & Silent Auction which is an elite community fundraising and outreach event and our campus did it this year raised funds for our students summer bridge programs and the practice was applauded by the CEO and superintendents and shared with other campuses. Now other schools/districts are working to do a similar events.. We have several more stories as a product of School design team product… Principal Mustafa Altindag HSA BRONSVILLE San Felipe
7 Planting Project After the removal of the playground (we went from a k-8 school to a 6-8 campus) we had a very ugly patch of concrete. Our teachers came together and decided to start a student garden. This garden has been a collaborative effort between our math and science departments. Students have taken complete responsibility for this endeavor and it has been extremely successful. Principal Ali Yilmaz HSI HOUSTON Chevy Chase
8 Unfolding a butterfly’s tale / Happy Room Shelby Bottomly (GATE Campus Coach) did a butterfly garden with a group of her students as their project. This year they noticed caterpillars on their plants and when they researched it, they found out they were monarch butterflies and also that they are endangered. More research enabled the school to apply for an official monarch waystation certification. / How dedication, leadership support and serendipity helped grow the awareness of a program! GATE District Coordinator Claudette Van Ravenstein HOUSTON DISTRICTS Tanglewood